Manila By Night

The Abieja Cipher, part 1

Going in blind

The cabal are invited to a gala event at the Ayala Museum celebrating Independence Day 2015 and a new expansion to the Museum’s collection of priceless pre-colonial gold artifacts recovered by the museum’s Assistant Director, Dr. Helen Abaya.

46 is given an invite by an old classmate, Diana MacKenzie. Landfall is sent to investigate rumors of an artifact that has just resurfaced, the Abieja Cipher.

-Diana MacKenzie is a young Talon of the Adamantine Arrows.
-That she invited 46 along to get her help. But she didn’t invite the rest of the cabal. So who sent the letters?
-That the Abieja Cipher is indeed a magical artifact bearing the resonance of Mind, Spirit, and Death woven into the golden band in alibata glyphs and Atlantean runes.
-That Dr. Helen Abaya is a Seer of The Throne.

And then somebody cuts the power to the museum.


phelanw0lf phelanw0lf

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