Diana MacKenzie / Flechette

Rookie Agent


Headstrong and impulsive, Diana MacKenzie is a neophyte in the Adamantine Arrow. Awakened to the path of the Obrimos, Diana immediately saw her newfound abilities as though they were superpowers, allowing her to indulge in the fantasy of a powered vigilante. The Adamantine Arrow quickly disabused her of that notion once they found her and began her training. Though skilled in martial arts and an able caster, some senior mages despair of ever teaching her subtlety and a light touch.

Her current mentor, Samael, has given her the shadow name “Flechette” or ‘little arrow’, which irritates her to no end. He smiles and tells her that once she’s worthy of a new name, she can choose one herself.

Diana MacKenzie / Flechette

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