Awakened Martial Artist


Breaking Points:
-Worst thing happened to you:

-Worst thing you’ve done:
Kampilan once had to beat the crap out of somebody harassing one of his students. He knew that the other guy would be persistent unless he was taught a very painful lesson. It was like clubbing a baby seal. Breaking point: Totally dominate a mismatched opponent

-Worst thing you can imagine someone doing:

-What scares you about magic:
Magic can create wonders. It can also create abominations. Breaking point: Using magic to create something abhorrently unnatural.

-What would you do to achieve your goals:
Kampilan loves to compete by the rules. But he does know that sometimes, there are things that could be more important then honor, oaths, and rules. He just hopes not to have to make that choice. Breaking point: Cheat or otherwise break his sworn word.

-Learning new martial arts styles

-Discovering new ways to use magic in a combative role.



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