“The Lie is the celestial DRM that the Exarchs use to wall off source code of the universe. Awakening is the crack file that breaks it all open. But that’s not enough for the Free Council. Information wants to be free. We share that file, seed the dragon’s teeth into the Fallen World and hope that it builds into a torrent that can break down the walls of heaven.”



A Free Council iconoclast, Warez subscribes to the idea of magic as technology and vice versa. He walks the street in the guise of an itinerant tinker and pirate DVD vendor, and occasionally stops by in half a dozen different stalls in area malls to conduct business. These stops also serve as dead drops and rendezvous points for those magi who need to meet the itinerant technophile.

Awakened to the Watchtower of the Golden Key, Warez puts his natural affinity for Forces to good use in dealing with technological gadgetry and supernatural phenomena that manifest in the EM spectrum. Warez keeps an array of gadgets as magical implements, often disguising covert magic as “messing around with the latest apps”.


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