Adamantine Arrow

The Adamantine Arrow strive for the ideal of enlightened warrior-mages defending the remnants of Atlantis and protecting Mages and Sleepers alike from supernatural threats. The Arrows try to remain neutral in politics, focusing instead on martial perfection and the ideal of the wise, honorable servant-warrior.

In the Manila Consilium:

Represented by the Musang Covenant, the Adamantine Arrow stick to a careful, oath-bound neutrality, focusing on their old duty of defending mages and Sleepers from natural and supernatural threats. Younger Arrows chafe at the Order’s impartial stance, believing that if the Arrow took an active part in local affairs, they could root out injustice and right the dysfunctional backstabbing going on in Manila’s Consilium. More senior Arrows recognize the Consilium’s dysfunction, but recognize that a militarized junta led by the Arrows would be even worse.

Known Members:
-Samael: A scholarly Mastigos of the Clavicularius Legacy, Samael’s purview is the mental and moral training of younger Arrows in order to develop fortitude and a warrior’s mindset, tempered by wisdom, restraint, and mercy. Some whisper that the Warlock’s use of Goetic demonology to test the mettle of neophytes comes dangerously close to a Left-Hand Path, but none have openly challenged him on the matter.

-Sheeva: A tough as nails Thyrsus warrior, Sheeva’s domain is physical training, ceaselessly drilling Arrows in hand to hand combat, grappling, weapons training, and conditioning. A ruthless disciplinarian, she tempers her aggressive training regimen with a fine understanding of the Life Arcanum in order to intuitively understand her trainees condition, physical breaking points, and how to push them past those. Needless to say, her magic also comes useful in healing wounds and broken bones during inevitable training accidents.

Adamantine Arrow

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