Rules Adaptations

Okay, as we’re using a mix of nWoD 1E and nWoD God-Machine rules, there needs to be some conversion guides to translate new elements like Beats, the new XP scale, etc.

-House Rule: Rotes cost 1 Beat per dot in the rote, and are the exception when it comes to spending XP or fractions thereof. I tend to think it’s a bit on the cheap side, but any higher increment (the other popular one I see is 2 dots of rotes for one XP) seems a bit too costly to be a worthwhile XP investment.


Faction Conditions

An adaptation from a similar mechanic in Demon: The Descent, a Faction Condition is a special condition that each member of the Pentacle Orders starts with each chapter. As with regular Conditions (see God-Machine Chronicle rules annex), Characters may gain an experience beat if their Faction Condition hinders their character in play. Additionally, once per chapter, players may resolve their Faction Condition to gain a small benefit AND gain an experience beat.

(Note: Considering having conditions refresh every session instead of every chapter)

Here are some drafts:

Nameless Orders / Apostates – To Stand Alone
Mages who belong to the many independent magical traditions (lumped under the label of the Nameless Orders) or who hold no affiliation at all have a hard-scrabble life, squeezed in between the arcane machinations of the Pentacle and the Throne, while lacking the resources and allies provided by membership in one of the great Orders or the contacts that they can gain by participating in the larger society of Awakened magi.
Beat – An apostate may gain a beat if her lack of order or standing in Pentacle society becomes a hinderance or is used against her.
Resolution – Pitted against the might of the Pentacle and the Throne, Apostates need to be scrappy and resourceful just to survive, much less thrive. Apostates may gain a +3 to a Skill or Attribute Roll when acting against a character from one of the Pentacle Orders or the Seers of the Throne.

Adamantine Arrow – Oathbound Warrior
The Adamantine Arrow believes that self-discipline isn’t just an earthly virtue, it’s a pre-requisite to enlightenment. Arrows take discipline, honor, and most importantly, sworn oaths seriously.
Beat – Whenever an Arrow’s personal code of conduct, sense of honor, or sworn oaths causes him to take a significantly more difficult course of action, the Arrow may take a Beat.
Resolution – Your honor is your True Name and you will not see it sullied. If someone uses an arcane effect or social engineering in order to manipulate you into breaking an oath, sworn trust, or code of honor you may resolve this condition in order to gain a +3 to a relevant Resistance attribute to prevent this manipulation.

Silver Ladder – Enlightened Leader

Guardians of the Veil – Defending the Mysteries
Beat – Whenever your machinations and deceptions get you or your cabal into trouble, take a beat.
Resolution – The Guardians are skilled weavers of deception, trapping their enemies in metaphorical or magical labyrinths. You may resolve this condition to gain +3 to a skill or Attribute roll to deceive or throw an adversary off your trail.

Mysterium – Magic is Alive
Beat – Gain a beat when the act of preserving magic puts you or your cabal in trouble.
Resolution – No Order can boast more magical knowledge in its possession than the Mysterium. You may resolve this condition to gain +3 to Occult or Academics skill rolls to study magic or an artefact.

Free Council – Iconoclasts

Seers of the Throne – Slaves of the Exarchs, Kings of the Lie
Beat – Slaves of the Exarchs: When your character is forced into difficult situations and impossible choices due to commands from superiors in the Iron Pyramid or mystic instructions from the Exarchs, take a beat.
Resolution – Kings of the Lie: Seers of the Throne may call on vast temporal resources in order to further their goals. You may resolve this condition to gain 3 temporary dots in Allies, Resources, Contacts, or similar social advantages that you can call on in the service of the Lords of the World.

Rules Adaptations

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